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Finance and Leasing
CCTV Leasing Helps Spread the Cost of Your Security Hardware

We have joined forces with a finance house and are now able to offer fantastic finance rates on all our systems whether it be designed specifically for your requirements or one of our great value off the shelf packages. Latest figures suggest that at least 50% of current security installations are financed through leasing.

What are the benefits of leasing a CCTV system or Access Control hardware?

All lease payments made under lease agreements are fully tax deductible:

By leasing rather than buying security equipment you can offset 100% of each years lease rental payments against corporation tax, instead of an annual tax allowance of only 25% on the capital value of the equipment which diminishes each year. By the end of the term, depending upon your tax situation, you could actually have paid LESS than if you had purchased outright at the start.

Immediate use of equipment without capital outlay:

With leasing you can spread the cost of equipment over its working life and it leaves existing credit lines and overdraft facilities undisturbed and unlike bank facilities cannot be withdrawn at short notice.

Fixed prices mean easy budgeting:

Fixed rentals are convenient in that they simplify budgeting and do not change regardless of interest rate changes..

Easy upgrade to maintain pace with constantly improving technology:

You can take advantage of this latest technology by simply upgrading the equipment at any time during the contract with outstanding balances included in the new rentals.

Flexible time frames:

With terms between two and seven years, leasing makes any CCTV system affordable.

Provides greater freedom of choice:
You no longer need to be restricted to buying a budget CCTV system simply because you have a fixed amount of money to spend. By leasing a system you can afford to buy the system that your business requires, not that your budget dictates.

Your payments are made by direct debit. You can avoid unnecessary time organizing payment for equipment rental invoices

Unless you have the cash in your budget with nothing else to spend it on most clients will prefer the lease option. If you invest your cash into a depreciating asset, you lose the ability to use it to make money elsewhere. Twin this with the tax advantages of leasing and you have a flexible, cost effective method of acquiring your security equipment.


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